Don’t be like Boris Becker

There is help out there for you if your business is suffering any kind of financial difficulty or dispute.
Don't be like Boris Becker

Cornerstone member, Gary Pettit, Licensed Insolvency Practitioner with PBC Business Insolvency and Recovery, reminded us during last week’s meeting on the importance of seeking early advice:

“Boris Becker was recently found guilty of transferring hundreds of thousands of pounds from his business account after his bankruptcy, failing to declare a property and an associated loan in Germany as well as concealing €825,000 of debt.

Whilst it is open to debate as to whether the sentence handed out is more severe or not (given the high-profile nature of the case) it does serve as a reminder of the powers in the Insolvency Act. The story of Boris Becker’s fall from one of the best tennis players in the world to a prison inmate also serves as a lesson to others who believe they can avoid disclosure.”

Read the full article here and keep Gary’s contact details to hand in case you or your business ever needs help.

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