Our Meetings

A Structured Network Group

a friendly, holistic approach to business

Full Transparency

Cornerstone is a network group run by its members, for its members, with an affinity towards support.

We Value Your Contribution

We appreciate your commitment. Treat Cornerstone as you would a client.

Make Wednesday morning your networking day with a standing appointment in your diary.

Membership Fees

• One-off joining fee: £125
• £55/month membership fee
• £100 annual renewal fee.

All our meetings are now face-to-face and include a full hot and cold breakfast.

Meeting format

Open networking

Starts at 06:45.

Tea, coffee, water and pastries are available at all meetings.

Visitors – there is no fee for your first meeting, and only £15 for your second. 😀

the meeting

At 07:15 the group leader gives a brief introduction and a general overview of how the group works.

60-second Pitches

Each member speaks for a maximum of one minute describing their business, service, product or interesting relatable fact. This is a good point in the meeting to mention your tagline if you have one.

Visitors will then get the same opportunity to share information about their business. 

You’ll receive a ‘Look For Sheet’, which has members’ contact details and space for notes.

Spotlight On…

This is a ten-minute presentation by a group member about themselves, their business or a particular passion of theirs. These presentations are often insightful, thought-provoking, informative and a great chance to get to know members better.

How We Operate

Committee members will give a brief description of how the group works, our values and what we expect from members.

Lastly, business cards or leaflets can be distributed whilst members share details about 1:1’s, give testimonials, show appreciation for any business or referrals and pass on business opportunities.

Visitors have an opportunity to feedback on their experience if they wish.

Breakfast and informal networking

The meeting officially ends at this point, usually around 08:30. 

The hot and cold breakfast buffet is then available and informal networking can continue.

It works!

Our statistics speak for themselves. This slide shows what our members have achieved since records were first kept, back in July 2021.

The ‘Thank you for the Business’ figure shows the total amount that members have invoiced, as a result of work for other members or from work referred via Cornerstone.

Visit Us

Attend your first two meetings for free.
After that we’ll invite you to join.

Meet us and see what sets us apart.

Register your details and we’ll be in touch.

We meet face-to-face every Wednesday morning:

• Open Networking: 6:45 – 7:15

• Formal Meeting: 7:15 – 9:00

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