Smashing Social Media for business owners

Higham Ferrers based managers and business owners benefited from free social media marketing training.
social media training

Courtesy of the Build Back Better – Market Towns fund, provided by the Government to Higham Ferrers Town Council, Higham Ferrers based managers and business owners were recently provided with free social media marketing training by Alison Kelly from Smashing Social Media.

The 3-hour session equipped delegates with the knowledge and tools to set up their social media business pages for success. They learnt about the seven different types of content they should utilise to engage and retain their audience, as well as how to navigate Facebook groups and what their perfect customer looks like.

They also learnt about fishing! Well, from a marketing perspective – ponds, bait, hooks and reeling in!

Social media marketing is like fishing

If you are intrigued by this and feel you and your business could benefit from a social media marketing boost, contact Alison Kelly from Smashing Social Media on 07711 654641 or via email for a chat and for news on her upcoming small group sessions on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, starting from £75 per person.

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